Friday, May 2, 2008

Innovation to solve the world's energy crisis and the catalysts of innovation

A new report from the Cambridge Energy Research Associates and the World Economic Forum writes that the one of the world's foremost problems of the day, a sustainable energy future, can be solved by combining a new level of innovation and cooperation. A short outline and comment on the report is available here. They write that the four catalysts for innovation are also necessary, namely:
  • technology
  • people
  • capital
  • policy
It is an interesting thought experiment to consider if the same 4 catalysts can enable innovation for poverty allevation, a problem no less afflicting than our energy future. At first glance, it appears that they have well captured the essential elements necessary for innovation, and so perhaps when innovating for poverty allevation, ensuring the presence of the same 4 elements should be a necessity.

Here at L-RAMP, we help with capital, help implement technology and provide access to people when required. Perhaps policy is an essential element still to be considered.

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