Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 3 of the Dinamalar Agri-Expo

Through the rain and lightning, here is day 3's update.

Today was, as expected, another busy day. Our 3rd expected exhibiting innovation (pin pulverizer) was forced to withdraw due to logistical problems (his lorry couldn't reach Trichy) but between L-RAMP, Nemate Gro and the Sugavari Novel Sprinker, we had quite a few messages to send out.

The two innovations did good business signing up farmers for potential field trials with the Sugavari crossing the 40 farmer mark and Nemate doing well also. L-RAMP has distributed over 1800 brochures and fielded many questions from innovators with good ideas (and some who are still chasing that always elusive perpetual motion machine).

I'll leave it to the photos to tell the remainder of the story...

Zubaida and me, exhibiting and examining the sprinkler competition

Nemate Gro

Sugari Novel Sprinkler with its fancy new home made sign

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