Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is LRAMP

LRAMP is a joint initiative of Rural Innovations Network (RIN) and IIT-Madras. We are a non-profit business incubator which provides funding (up to 25 lakhs) and mentoring to early stage ideas having the potential to grow into viable enterprises and thus provide social benefit on a large scale.

LRAMP is currently mentoring 20 innovations in sectors including agriculture, energy, water, dairy and ICT. Past successes include a kerosene burner using 30% less kerosene, a non-chemical and non-electrical device to reduce insect infestations in stored grains and a irrigation device using less energy and less water. Current incubations include a rural BPO, a low-cost sanitary napkin making machine and a infant warmer suitable for rural areas. Enterprises incubated by us have generated sales of Rs. 6.2 crores and led to Rs. 19.2 crores of social benefits.

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