Friday, April 18, 2008

Big business and social enterprise

A recent article from the 'Ethical Corporation' magazine, found here, makes for interesting reading on the role of big business in our social enterprise sector. While many large institutions are taking steps to join the social enterprise sector, the proportion of this business in relation to their overall business is often minute, making it possible to raise claims of 'greenwashing' or perhaps more appropriately, 'CSR posturing'.

Nevertheless, the fact that blue-chips are awakening to the market potential of the currently underserved, even if the social benefits are ignored, is heartening. Microfinance is one sector where many corporate banks have started to enter the market and LRAMP is looking forward to the entry of corporates into other sectors, following the lead of industry heavyweights such as Hindustan Unilever with initiatives as Project Shakti and the ubiquitous '1 rupee sachets'.

The rural market is just that, a market, ready to avail the benefits of products appropriately designed, marketed and priced. LRAMP is there.

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