Thursday, April 24, 2008

Innovation in Entertainment - IPL cricket

The inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) of cricket is an innovation in entertainment which is changing the world of cricket, globally. Bringing together, for the first time in India, sport and entertainment on a mass commercial scale, the success of this innovation is new being examined for replication in England, the original home of cricket.

While the social benefit of the IPL is easily debated, the innovative way in which the IPL has launched and packaged sporting entertainment cannot. In a few short months, the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) have taken cricket, a sport normally contained to staid multi-day national matches and used a new format (Twenty20), added music, dancing, splashes of Bollywood, convenient timing and TV coverage to create a new sector of entertainment in India and for cricket globally.

Innovation can produce unfair competitive advantage in any sector - through innovation, the BCCI have created something for the world to watch and learn from.

We at L-RAMP applaud the innovation behind the IPL but remain convinced that while innovation innovation is good, innovation which also delivers social benefit is better.

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Arun Sharma said...

Further evidence of the disruptive impact of the IPL (as well as the earlier launched ICL) on the cricket world.