Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pre-Incubation Program

An innovation is like the growth of a plant. A seed of an idea is sown in the mind of the innovator. The seed germinates and sprouts a stalk. Any additional information to strengthen the idea act as leaves. The stalk becomes firmer and eventually becomes a plant. You do not always realize that you have an innovative idea right when the seed is sown. Depending on the preparedness of the mind, people may realize this at various stages of development. Sometimes you may have to consciously add the leaves to the plant.

Seldom can one take some time off to sit and think of radical new ideas. Nevertheless, chance favors the prepared mind.

With this premise, in order to cultivate an innovative culture and encourage great ideas to spurt innovatively, we have come up with the Pre Incubation Program. What we hope to do is prepare your minds to look at things differently.

The program is structured to enable the participants to receive practical and theoretical guidance from professionals in various fields who will serve as mentors to share their knowledge and experience. In addition, the mentors will also review a few participants promising innovations which would be in the formative stages and offer them suggestions to bring their innovations to light.

These programs are run every two months in Chennai and are open to free registration from interested innovators. For registration drop in an email to

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