Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Announcing the RIN fellowship!

A message from Rural Innovations Network, one of L-RAMP's parent organizations. The RIN fellowship is a great chance to learn about and contribute to social entrepreneurship while 'on the ground'. Contact rinfellowships@rinovations.org for more information.

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Dear Friend,

Rural India needs ideas that can deliver inclusive, eco-friendly and sustainable prosperity. A handful of individuals – better known as social entrepreneurs, are making a difference by blurring the boundaries between business and social good. These individuals stand out for their vision, purposefulness, passion, leadership, innovativeness, risk taking ability, and persistence.

Do you, as an individual aspiring to be one such pathfinder, need a space that's a live laboratory to hone your instincts and sharpen your abilities? Do you need an opportunity that prepares you before you launch your dream venture? Do you simply want to break away from the routine and engage with the fascinating rural India?

Rural Innovations Network (RIN), supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, presents the first RIN Fellowship, an 10-month program designed to equip individuals who dare to follow their dreams and can help build a prosperous rural India. The RIN Fellowship offers the space you need to put your intent and talent into action. Through the Fellowships, you learn social entrepreneurship hands on.
Through the RIN Fellowship program, you will:
  • Know through experience the innovation and social enterprise sectors
  • Be skilled in successfully mentoring an innovator
  • Know how to enable innovations effectively
  • Understand rural markets
  • Develop your social entrepreneurship capabilities
Interested in becoming a RIN Fellow? See the PDF file here to apply! Or tell someone who wants to make a difference to rural lives in India!

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