Friday, July 4, 2008

The power of ideas

The Ideas Festival - an interesting conference happening now in Aspen, Colorado. It seems a trend to bring together people from diverse disciplines (doctors, engineers, politicians, artists and others), have them exchange ideas and varied perspectives and the desired result being learning for all, often from perspectives rarely brought together. The TED conference is another excellent example as is the forthcoming PanIIT 2008 conference (December 19-21 2008 @ IIT Madras featuring RIN CEO Paul Basil as a speaker).

I like the central premise of these meetings and a quote from the BBC article nicely summarizes both the applicability to the US in a political year and also the work that we at L-RAMP are pursuing:
All of these people have come here with one central conviction. It is that ideas matter and especially so in a presidential election year. Men and women can change the world by thinking about problems and by approaching them in new ways.
Ideas matter and they can change the world. We at L-RAMP are pleased to be able to help some ideas see the light of day and, through this, bring about the change that our innovators want to see in the world.

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